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Artificial Plants as Alternatives for Pet-Friendly Design

Your pet is a part of your family, and ensuring your pet’s health should be a priority for any pet-parent. Although they may seem unassuming, certain plants in your home could prove to be a real threat to the safety of your pet.

At BIRCHCITY, we promote a sensible lifestyle. So naturally, it is sensible to be aware of and provide pet-safe artificial plant alternatives for your furry friends.

Which plants are poisonous to pets?

The Humane Society of the United States provides a list of common plants that are toxic to pets.

The effects of ingesting toxic plants ranges from stomach upset/diarrhea to kidney failure, depending on the plant and amount ingested.

To keep your pet safe and out of the veterinarian's office, try these alternatives.

Try these artificial plants as an alternative for brightening up your space that also keeps your pets safe

Artificial Aloe Vera - 18"

SHOP Artificial Aloe Vera

Artificial Monstera - 55"

SHOP Artificial Monstera

Artificial Snake Plant - 19”

SHOP Artificial Snake Plant 19”


Artificial Yucca Tree - 50"

SHOP Artificial Yucca Tree

Even certain cut flowers can be poisonous to pets

Many common favorite cut flowers are actually toxic to pets, such as easter lilies and tulips. Instead opt for an arrangement of artificial flowers to brighten up the foyer, to keep your furry friend feeling fantastic. For more on designing with artificial flowers read our Journal: 8 Tips For Styling Artificial Flowers at Home.

Besides toxicity, plants can cause harm to your pets in other ways

As pet-parents we always plan for success, but accidents do happen. Even the most well-trained pets can let their curiosity get the better of them. Plants that have sharp thorns or spines like cacti or roses also pose a physical threat to your pet’s health. Give yourself peace-of-mind and consider an Artificial Cactus, without the sharp spines.

SHOP Artificial Cactus Bonsai - 27"


Continuing to practice safe pet-handling

While artificial plants are a safer alternative for homes with pets, normal pet safety protocol should be followed. Keep any artificial plants or flowers with small parts away from pets to avoid choking hazards. Do not allow your pets to climb or chew on any artificial plants. Not only to keep your plants looking fresh     but also for the well-being of your furry four-legged friend.

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