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Best 6 Reading Nook Designs to Take Inspiration From

No matter what your interior decorating style, there is room for a reading nook in any home. At the end of the day we all love a good comfy corner to curl up and escape into a book for a while. An easy way to dress up your reading nook at home is with artificial plants. Add the lively greenery without the maintenance. Here are BIRCHCITY’s Best 6 Reading Nook Designs to Take Inspiration from. 

Chair First, Decor Second

Chair First, Decor Second One great thing to consider when creating your perfect reading nook is comfortable seating. This beautiful papasan chair is the perfect centerpiece. Add a subtle rug, cozy lighting, and a few plants to bring it all together.  

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All White and Bright

All White and Bright The white walls and sunny window provide this reading nook with ample light, ideal for reading. Add in custom touches like the ottoman and the natural branches to balance out the white decor. 

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A OCD Reader’s Sanctuary

A OCD Reader’s Sanctuary For the OCD reader who just wants their books nice and neat. The addition of the plants in the neat grid of shelves is a welcome pop of natural texture in this regimented library. To protect your books from water leaking, dirt, or bugs – opt for artificial plants.


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The Cottage-core Vibe

The Cottage-core Vibe This upstairs cottage window daybed is perfect for an afternoon retreat into a new novel. The built in cove creates an immediate cozy feeling, while the hydrangeas in the antique Roman style vessel complete the look. 


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The Modern Nook

The Modern Nook Sometimes simple is best, especially if there are limited resources. Although this reading nook is simple, it’s effective and cozy. The main feature is the armchair accented by the massive fiddle-leaf fig.

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The Romantic Corner

The Romantic Corner This is the perfect romantic dreamscape reading nook. Soft filtered light above a cushy daybed and a giant traveler’s palm transports you away.

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