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Best Artificial Tropical Trees For The Summer

Re-decorate your home with the best artificial trees this summer. BIRCHCITY offers a wide selection of artificial tropical trees that will bring the sunny vibes to your home.


Best Artificial Tropical Trees for The Summer

Summer is the perfect time to spruce up your home with new artificial plants from BIRCHCITY, and what better artificial plant to do that than a tropical tree! With plenty of options to choose from, BIRCHCITY has a faux tropical tree that will be the perfect addition to your summer décor. Whether you are looking for a towering palm or something more full to fill your space, there is a plant for everyone. Here are the top three tropical trees from BIRCHCITY to bring the tropics to your space this summer!


Florida Summer Vibes: Artificial Areca Palm Tree

SHOP Artificial Areca Palm Plant - 59"

The Areca Palm Tree offers the perfect touch of sunshine to any room. Standing at under five feet tall, this radiant Areca Palm Tree is eye-catching with its bold green leaves and fun shape. The Areca Palm Tree is known for helping bring luck to those around and would be the perfect addition to any office or bedroom.


African Summer Vibes: Artificial Banana Tree

Can’t get away to the exotic jungles this summer? Bring the sunshine to your home with a BIRCHCITY Banana Tree or known as Traveler’s Palm Tree. Traveler’s Palm Tree is known for its long, vibrant leaves and charming shape. The vertical leaves will add the perfect height and shape to any space the tree is in. If you are looking to fill a larger space, we recommend an Artificial Traveler’s Palm Tree. An Artificial Traveler’s Banana Tree offers taller stems with the same dramatic design and color as a standard artificial Banana Tree. We recommend adding the Artificial Banana Tree to your kitchen or living room, as the sunshine aura of this plant will help create positive conversations and grow your community.


Texas Summer Vibes: Artificial Yucca Tree


The spectacular beauty of the artificial Yucca Tree will energize your spirit from the minute you bring it home. Yucca Tree is orinated from southern United States, South America and the Caribbean, and is known for its tall, textured stems and bold broom-like leaves. The Yucca Tree will add the perfect wow factor you’ve been looking to add to your summer décor for its unique layered look. 


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