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Faux Outdoor Plants For Your Summer Patio

A patio is a great place to enjoy the outdoors, but it can also be hard to keep it looking stylish. It takes careful planning to build and maintain your dream outdoor patio to be the perfect entertainment space for all of your family and friends. You’ve created a meticulous list of everything your patio needs: ample outdoor seating, a beautiful outdoor rug, and the perfect grill set up. The only thing that is missing is some greenery, but you don’t have a green thumb. Fortunately, faux outdoor plants are a great way to add a touch of greenery without the hassle of caring for real plants. Faux outdoor plants are perfect for patios because they require very minimal maintenance and they can be placed anywhere to add that summer touch.


BIRCHCITY has the perfect faux outdoor plants for your patio that will elevate your patio to the perfect outdoor getaway. One of BIRCHCITY’s top artificial UV-protected plants to decorate your patio with this summer is the faux Buxus Ball Tree, commonly known as a Boxwood Tree! The faux Boxwood Tree is known for its thick bushes that can be found in many shapes and sizes. Faux Boxwood Trees are the perfect addition to help shape and style your patio as they bring an effortless glamour to your space instantly.


BIRCHCITY has two options for your own faux Boxwood Tree needs. The first option is a short 5"faux potted Boxwood Tree. The short Boxwood Tree is eye-catching with its delicate leaves and bold shape. Although this Boxwood Tree is small, it is mighty in the impact it will bring your patio design.

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The second option available at BIRCHCITY is a tall 26" faux potted Boxwood Tree. The tall Boxwood Tree is dramatic with a tall, brown trunk with chic greenery perched on top. The tall Boxwood Tree will help bring elevated elegance to your patio through its cheerful shape and color.


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When choosing the perfect artificial Boxwood Tree for your patio, don’t forget to consider the size and shape of your patio. Do you have a small, square patio space? Then a short faux Boxwood Tree would be the best suited for your space as you don’t want to overwhelm your patio space or your other décor.

To help design and shape a patio of this size, you can create a cluster of beautiful faux Boxwood Tree centerpieces in the middle of your seating area. Another design option that would shine with a small patio is you can get four faux Boxwood Trees and place them in each corner of the patio to help outline the patio shape and create a relaxing, stylish patio. If you have a large outdoor patio that needs bold décor, then look at adding a tall faux Boxwood Tree. Adding a tall faux Boxwood Tree would help balance out the large shape of the patio by adding height.



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If you have a covered patio, the options for outdoor faux plants increase. A BIRCHCITY faux Areca Palm Tree would be a great option to add to your shaded patio area. The faux Areca Palm Tree would help bring positive, tropical energy to your patio while adding a fun pop of color. Remember, the faux Areca Palm Tree is not UV-resistant and you will have to carefully monitor any sunlight exposure the faux tree receives.

Whatever faux plant you choose, get creative, decorate, and enjoy the ambiance of your new elegant outdoor patio.

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