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How To Build Your Own Home Oasis With Large Artificial Plants

Creating an indoor home oasis starts with you. Ask yourself, what kind of energy do you want in your home? Every time you enter your home, your home décor should calm your mind and renew your spirit. One of the easiest ways to start building your home oasis is by adding artificial plants. Incorporating large artificial plants is the perfect way to bring eye-catching décor into your home that is both artistic and serene.

When creating your home oasis, sometimes one plant is not enough. Adding a cluster of artificial plants will help unify the space and encourage a more dynamic, uplifting aura in your home. Here are BIRCHCITY’s recommendations when picking the right large artificial plants to build your home oasis.


First, what space are you adding the large plant to?

Pinpointing where you want to add your plant is vital to creating your home oasis. Looking to spruce up your home office? Adding a cluster of large artificial plants builds creative energy and looks great in all of your video calls. Or are you hoping to uplift the energy in your living room?

Make a dull living room corner come to life with a stunning BIRCHCITY Olive Tree! An artificial Olive Tree will create a calming aura in any space and will help reduce stress and anxiety. All of these suggestions are wonderful and you will be wanting to add a new artificial plant to every room in your home.

SHOP Artificial Olive Tree 47"

Consider the height & width of the large artificial plant

All large artificial plants add fun height and dimension to any room, but you need to make sure you choose the right plant that fits your home’s aesthetic. Looking to bring the tropics to your home? We recommend adding a Monstera Plant (also known as the Swiss Cheese Plant!). The Monstera Plant is a quirky plant that is known for its large unique leaves. The Monstera Plant thrives in open spaces and we recommend adding them to your living room or dining room. If you are looking to add a variety of tropical plants to your home, try incorporating a combo of  Monstera Plant, a Banana Tree, and an Areca Palm into your décor. No matter what large artificial plant you choose, we know you will enjoy their charming features and uplifting aura.


Artificial Plant_Artificial Monstera Plant_www.birchcity.com_artificial plants, homedecor,textiles

Third, it’s all about composition

When it comes to styling your artificial plant, you need to consider what other décor your plant will be around. Will you add your artificial plant next to your bookshelf or next to a TV stand? Or are you starting from scratch in a new space with no other décor but the faux plant? The design options are endless and we are confident your new artificial plant will complement your home style.

Below, BIRCHCITY has styled the artificial Traveler’s Banana Tree in an entryway next to a woven basket and chair. The tall, tropical plant and woven textures from the basket and chair complement each other flawlessly and create the perfect stress-free space in your home.


Artificial Plant_Artificial Traveler's Banana Tree_www.birchcity.com_artificial plants, homedecor,textiles


Finally, enjoy the calming aura of your new artificial plants! You’ve created a serene space with large artificial plants that will continually replenish your energy, relieve your anxiety, and uplift your home’s aura. With very little maintenance needed, your new BIRCHCITY artificial plants are going to showcase their beautiful leaves year-round! Now sit back, relax, and enjoy the soothing ambiance of your stunning home oasis.

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