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Interior Design Trends That You Have To Try This Fall 2022 Season

At BIRCHCITY, we value time and we value home interiors. So to save you time, and bring you the best interior design trends for the fall, we’ve rounded up the top trends from design forecasters so that you don’t have to. Continue reading to find out how you can keep your home looking great, and up to date!



According to interior design trend forecasters, warm walnut wood tones are “it” for the Fall 2022 season. It adds warmth to the home in a time when the weather is cooling down. Try a gorgeous walnut table fit for a feast, Thanksgiving this year is going to be a hit! And for those with less budget for new decor, try a beautiful walnut chopping board or serving tray.


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Round Edges

Curves are in! This is another continuing trend from summer, scalloped edges, round couch cushions, rounded edge mirrors, you name it–they've rounded it. The curved trend adds an organic feel to the home. As you can tell, the overall trend of 2022 is organic, natural, cozy feeling.




Although it’s not a new trend, marble is back for Fall 2022! As we progress, designers have been shying away from the icier tones of marble and moved towards warmer tones. Adding to the natural feel of walnut, marble offers a juxtaposition of stone against wood to create an effect of depth in the home. Once again, this trend works for all budget levels: if you’re feeling fancy try a marble side table, and if you have a tight budget maybe try a marble vase.


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Cozy Touches

As we stay more and more in our homes, due to COVID-19 and the phenomenal rise of working-from-home, it’s only natural that our human instinct is to make it more comfortable. Add more cushions, soft knitted blankets, high quality linens all for your benefit. A home should be a warm welcoming space, not a cold aesthetic showroom.



In summary, 2022 has focused heavily on natural vibes, and as we enter fall the cozier the better.

Thanks for reading BIRCHCITY’s Journal and as always, hopefully this has inspired you to update your home for fall!

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