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The Best Fake Olive Tree You Should Never Miss on

Olive trees have a long and diverse history and are regarded as a symbol of friendship and peace. In Greek mythology, Athena offered an olive tree to Athens, bringing them peace, prosperity, resurrection and hope. The best fake olive tree will be the perfect center for any flowerpot or basket. Artificial olive trees are the perfect complement to all homes or offices because they’re eternal, elegant, timeless, and easy to care for. Adding the best fake olive tree to your space is one of the easiest ways to boost serene energy in your home. 


Here at Birchcity, we have a wide selection of high-quality artificial olive trees that will add a touch of elegance to any space. The best fake olive tree is the Faux Potted Olive Tree - 6 '. Your wedding or home decoration can be enhanced with this designer's favorite fake olive tree. This olive tree is 180cm tall, and the planter is 8 inches in size, with fabric leaves, artificial moss & soil covering layer, and superior quality trunk construction that makes it incredibly lifelike. It comes in a black plastic pot as shown in the photo. 


Why Choose an Artificial Olive Tree? 

The best fake olive tree is preferred over real ones for a variety of reasons. Here are some reasons our customers have given: 

- They are worried about pests or diseases that could affect a real olive tree. An artificial one eliminates that worry.

- They don't have time to water or take care of a real plant. The best faux olive tree doesn't need any care beyond an occasional dusting.

- Allergies! Some people are allergic to pollen from real plants but can have a fake olive tree without any problems

- Space constraints. An artificial tree can go places a real one couldn't like in a small apartment or office cubicle.

- It will always look healthy and green! A real plant can get sick, die, lose its leaves, etc but an artificial one will always look great.

- Scent! Some people love the smell of olives but others find it overpowering. An artificial olive tree doesn't have any scent so everyone can enjoy it!


Faux Potted Olive Tree - 6 ' Specifications: 

Height - 6 feet/ 180 cm   

Planter Compatibility - 8 Inch/19.5x19.5x17.5CM 

Color - Green  

Material - Plant: Fabric
Faux Soil Cover: Moss
Trunk/Pot: Plastic  


The cleaning of Faux Potted Olive Tree - 6 ' is also simple. Wipe with a soft cloth to clean.

Do not use aggressive acid cleaners. (For detailed maintenance instructions, please read our blog: Tips And Tricks For Artistic Plant Care)


To learn more about Birchcity's Faux Potted Olive Tree - 6′, please click here. Order your own Faux Potted Olive Tree - 6 ' today on Birchcity!

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