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Tips And Tricks For Artificial Plant Care

Congratulations! You’ve just purchased your first artificial plant! Say goodbye to the endless worrying about your plants. You no longer have to fret about overwatering your plants or being concerned if your plant is getting enough sunlight. No green thumb is required with an artificial plant and they won’t wither away under your watch!

There are countless benefits to an artificial plant and are the perfect addition to any home as they are non-toxic, making them great for anyone with allergies, small children, or pets! While artificial plants do not require the tremendous amount of care that a live plant does, an artificial plant still does require minimal care.

So you may ask, why do I need to take care of an artificial plant? Taking care of your artificial plant is important because dust and dirt can build upon them, causing them to damper their color and appearance. Caring for your artificial plant every month restores the life and luster of your plant. 

Here are BIRCHCITY’s Top 3 Tips & Tricks to caring for your artificial plant.

1.Choose the right tools for artificial plant care

One of the best things about artificial plants is that they are durable. When cleaning your artificial plant, make sure to use a microfiber cloth or duster to gently remove any dust build-up from the plant.

If more heavy-duty cleaning is required, we recommend avoiding harsh chemical cleaners as they can alter and damage the artificial plant’s color, texture, and shape. Instead, we recommend using a damp microfiber cloth with water to gently remove any excess debris. With every large artificial plant order from BIRCHCITY, a free Care Kit (gloves and a microfiber cloth) are sent with your purchase because we want you to be absolutely stress-free when it comes to decorating your home.

Here is a BIRCHCITY hassle-free unboxing video and Care Kit preview.

2.Pick the right spot for your artificial plant

Before you purchase the artificial plants, you need to measure the space where your plant will be located. Take into account the height and width of the space and consider the light features that hang in the room. If a plant is too tall, it may not work in a space with low ceilings. Considering where the light falls in your room is important as well, as extended exposure to sunlight could dim the brilliance of the plant’s color.

If your plant is in front of a large window, rotate it monthly so that not one side is getting sun exposure constantly. As seen below, we have styled a BIRCHCITY artificial Olive Tree next to this cozy fireplace. The artificial Olive Tree is adding a refreshing pop of color and texture, is out of direct light, and is the right height and size for the fireplace.


3. Casual monthly maintenance to renew your artificial plant

One of the best ways to care for your plant is to check it monthly. Monthly maintenance only takes a few moments. We recommend adding a reminder to your phone’s calendar so you don’t forget. Spending a few minutes each month dusty and rotating your plant will renew your artificial plant and keep it looking its best, so turn on your favorite song and you’ll be done in no time!

Now you have all the information you need so that you can take care of your artificial houseplants like a pro!
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