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Top 7 Reasons You Should Buy Artificial Plants

A lot of people wonder why anyone in their right mind would want an artificial plant. Well, to sum it up in one word: it’s sensible. In the debate between artificial plants and real plants there will always be those on either side. For those in the middle, here are seven reasons for you to consider buying an artificial plant.

1. Low maintenance

You never have to worry about under or over watering your plants ever again, because artificial plants don’t need to be watered. The most you have to do is wipe the leaves clean every once in a while and fluff up the leaves so it looks natural.

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2. No green thumb?

For those who weren’t born with the ability to care for real plants, artificial plants are a great way to bring nature and life into their homes without all the hassle and possibility for another plant casualty. Better to err on the side of caution and just enjoy a perennially beautiful artificial plant.

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3. Safe for Pets/ kids

Artificial plants are safer for pets. Not only are they non-toxic, but also no mess if they accidentally get knocked over. For more tips on pet-safe alternatives for your home read our Journal: Artificial Plants as Alternatives for Pet-Safe Design.

4 You’ll save money in the long run

Although initially, artificial plants may seem expensive there is more than meets the eye. Full size artificial plants cost comparably less to a small or medium sized real plant. And when it comes to cut flowers, artificial ones keep for years and can be used and stored away for reuse down the line. Real flowers can only be used once. Read more about artificial flowers in our Journal: 9 Tips For Styling Artificial Flowers. In this way, investing into artificial plants actually saves money in the long run.

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5. Artificial plants are hypoallergenic

A major plus that artificial plants provide for those who suffer from seasonal allergies is that they are hypoallergenic. Meaning, they do not propose any risk for a flare up of seasonal allergies as they do not have pollen like real plants do.

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6. No Bugs!

Something that everyone can agree with is no bugs! Artificial plants do not attract insects because there is no soil for them to hide or any natural leaves for them to eat. Real plants often come with the opportunity for pests. ****

7. Low Light/ Less than idea environment

Because of artificial plants’ lack of need for sun or moisture, it makes them a wonderful candidate for low-light environments, as well as those less than ideal for certain plants (tropicals, ferns, succulents). You can have that giant Monstera you’ve always wanted in your living room even if you have little to no natural light.

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