An Asian Woman-Owned Company

Curated artificial plants, home decorations & textiles for personalizing your space

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The Art of Sensible Living

A home is more than a space. The Art of Sensible Living has never been easier than with BIRCHCITY. BIRCHCITY is a home decor brand that creates relaxed, mindful spaces through the uplifting aura of artificial plants, textiles and various decor items.

  • Our Mission

    To provide high quality,

    curated home decor objects that

    will elevate your surroundings to a mindful space.

  • Our Vision

    The go-to home decor shop

    for a sensible, relaxing lifestyle.

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Our Story

Over the past decade, Lei, our cofounder, has lived and worked all over the world as a product designer. As a result of her experience, she developed a keen eye for home decor products and understands how to craft products that incorporate the best designs, materials, and ethical standards. Fast forward to 2022, Covid has introduced a lot of uncertainty and stress, and it has redefined our relationship with our home. The visual impact of greenery gives a sense of hope, so Lei quit her job in 2022 and founded BIRCHCITY to help others create sensible space that will constantly inspire them and brighten their day.